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Where is the Finish located?
All races finish at Pioneer Park.( Parc des Pionniers)

I am injured, can i be re imburse
We do not offer re imbursement after you are registered including for medical reason

I cannot participate, can i sell my bid to another racer
Yes you can but since we require photo id at race packet pick up, we need to be informed with all appropriate info of the new racer no later than june 1st  otherwise we will not recognised the transfer

Where are the Starts located?
A shuttle bus will bring the racers of the 60, 38, 21,13 and 11 km at there race starts.
The actual start for the 5km, 3km  and 1km run for children will be from The parc des Pionniers at same as the finish line) in Saint-Donat.

Are the Ipod or MP3 allowed?
No. No runners may start( the 58,38,21,11km Trail race) with an Ipod or an MP3 or other sound system involving music.
However they will be accepted on the 5 and 13 km ( cross Country)

Are ski or hiking poles allowed for racing?
No. No runners may start the race with a pair of poles.

Are strollers allowed on the race course?
No, the kind of trails where races are held does not permit the use of strollers, for security reasons.

Where can I park my car on the day of the event?

There are parking lots near the church( where Race packet are)
The shuttle bus will also leave from The Church( right behind the registration) to the starts of 11, 13,21, 38 and 60 km.

Can I register the morning of the race?
No, registrations will close  Friday June 5th at Midnight

Is there a day care service?
Due to the lack of interest, we no longer offer a day care service the day of the race since  2014

Can I accompagny my kid on the course?
As the course is  almost all single track and the space is limited, we will NOT allow parents on the course with their kids . This is not negociable.

What is the minimum age to register my child?
Since the course does not allow parents to be with them on the course, the minimum age has been set at 6 years old. If you are not comfortable with this clause, DO NOT register your kid as their will be no exceptions..

Can I let my child run even if he is not registered?
No. For security reasons, and of course equity, we can not allow children how are  non-registered to race. Proof of registration is the bib.

As an adult can I run  if I am not registered?
No. For security reasons, and of course equity, we can not allow non-registered runners to compete, the proof of registration is your bib.

Will it have official photos?
Yes. A photographer will be present at the races to take pictures of racers and the event in general. The pictures will then be added to our site. However there is no systematic picture taking of each racer and the pictures are taken for promotional purposes only.

Are there cash prizes for winners?
No, because the philosophy of trail running is based on participation and achievement of a personal challenge.